Install yay AUR helper for Arch Linux – Garuda / Manjaro

It automates the installation of packages from PKGBUILDs. An efficient way to install apps.

yay comes with an AUR Tab completion and smart dependency resolution. It is based on the yaourt, pacman, and pacaur designs, but it also achieves the following goals: Reduce having a lot of dependencies.

By having yay, you’ll be able to install and update packages in an easier and more organized way.


sudo pacman -S --needed git base-devel

For the next command, you need to have git previously installed. If you don’t, you can use:

sudo pacman -S git

git clone

Now change directory and compile

cd yay-bin
makepkg -si

At this moment you are able to install packages using yay

yay -S package_to_install
yay -Rns package_to_remove
yay name_or_word (to search available packages to install)
ysy -Syu (update all installed packages)

I hope that you’ll like yay as I do!

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